Although my blog is in German language, I am writing this in English as my experience with testing the pre-production units of Cycliq’s Fly12, a 400 lumen front light and 1080P camera combo, might be interesting for non German speakers, inlcuding Cycliq staff.

However, as I am not native in English, please excuse my grammar, incorrect use of terminology etc.

I am frequently updating this page while testing the units. Stay tuned.

For more details about Fly12, please follow this link to


September 10th, 2015

Good news. Obviously the microSD card which came with the prototpye caused the ‘time gap issue’ with having 20, 30 seconds missing, between the individual files. With my 32 GB class10 card the footage is seamless, although Fly12 saves footage in 755 MB files.

I furthermore tried the Strava overlay function in the Cycliq app. This seems to work but it takes some minutes to store a 10 second piece of footage on the mobile device.

I would prefer to have an app on my MacBook that provides such functionality, like the video editing software from Gramin that overlays with Garmin data.




I also tried ‘Map Overlay’, which is not yet live, and ‘Tramlines’ that shows you left and right tramlines 1.50 meters from the bike. Tramlines overlay is available but I am not sure if it is really 1.50 meters.

September 9th, 2015

Today I got mail from Cycliq providing to install an updated firmware to the prototype unit.

According to the test pilots a significant issue has been the troublesome g-sensor that results in “Incident Protection” being prematurely triggered and the unit shutting off after 30 minutes. Cycliq believe that this is partially caused by some compatibility issues between the Kingston microSD card they shipped with the unit, and the Ambarella chip that services Fly12.

The new firmware provides a functionality to switch off the g-sensor for the tests. However, additionally they recommend to replace the microSD card if one is at hand.

I did both, changed the microSD to a 32 GB class10 card which worked fine in my Contour 2+ and updated the firmware.

Tomorrow I will continue testing, again in 1080P mode.

September 8th, 2015

Have done several rides with Fly12 capturing video in HQ 720P mode. Apparently no time gaps between the individual files are noticed. Seems that the time gap issue only occurs in 1080P mode. Might be that the SD card that came with the prototype is not fast enough to save the mpg4 file.

I will test with a different class 10 micro SD card soon.

In regards to quality of the 720P footage, no complaints at all.

September 4th, 2015

Received first positive feedback about the video quality of the first youtube file. Readers are expecting night ride footage and want to see the brightness of the light. I will do this soon.

Today I did another morning ride to work capturing HQ 1080P footage. Happy about that. However, beside the automatic shut-off bug the camera was beeping frequently – one beep – after 3, 6, 10 etc. minutes.
After having checked the files, file sizes and lengths of the individual files were randomly different. While yesterday’s files usually were 5 minute files with 755 MB, today it looked like this:

Bildschirmfoto 2015-09-05 um 08.09.55

Import to and handling of the files within iMovie was no problem. However, between the files footage is missing. Not sure why this happened. The problem even occurred when the bike was parked at my local car dealer, whom I visited before work.

Note: I am reporting this as part of the test pilot program. It is a beta test of the camera – so that such issues do not occur with the final production model!

September 3rd, 2015

Today I did my first tests with the Fly12 (and the Fly6 at the seat post) attached to my Tern Verge X20 folding bike with the standard GoPro mount which came with the unit.


One of the known current issues of the test unit is that it automatically switches off after 30 minutes. This is due to the incident mode which should only stopp the recording after an incident has happened. The bug will be fixed with the next firmware update of the pre-production unit. Therefore this is no issue for me, especially that pressing the on/off button re-starts the recording.

I took the footage in 1080P with 30 frames. Fly12 seems to write additionally files with a low resolution in parallel that might be used to be accessed by the smartphone app – but I am not sure yet about this.

The large resolution files have about 755 MB before a new file is started.

What I am confused about is that the second and third file of this morning seems to be missing on the micro SD card. Today’s first file was xxx005 and the next one on the SD card is xxx008.
Same applies to yesterday’s test files. xxx001, xxx03 are there, xxx02 and xxx04 are missing.

All other files of today are there. Let’s see if I can re-produce this issue.

Bildschirmfoto 2015-09-03 um 20.21.14

The footage itself seems to be of high quality and I am really pleased about that.

Also the light is bright and clear and – at least during daylight – no light reflects are seen in the video, although the light is directly next to the camera lens.


September 2nd, 2015

After having been away in Southern France for summer vacation I received my first test unit of the Fly12 today. In parallel I got an email invitation for downloading the iPhone / iPad app from Cycliq which is needed for setting up the Fly12 as well as further functionality like Strava, tramline or alarm settings – which are currently not yet available via the beta test app.

As I am frequently using Cycliq’s Fly6 rear camera/light combo, it was kind of easy for me setting up the camera and doing first test footage while mounting the camera to my Tern Verge X20 folding bike that I currently use to commute to work including some extra off-season training.


It further helped with installation that Cycliq provides its test pilots with some basic online instructions and online feedback/trouble-shooting option.

The first footage I saw looks promising and I am also pleased about the brightness of the light as well as the flashlight options.

I am looking forward for my first commute to work, accompanied by Fly12 and Fly6 :-).



The test unit got delivered with the following:

  • Fly12 HD video and light combo unit
  • GoPro handlebar mount (on top or below)
  • 16GB MicroSD card
  • Garmin & 1/4inch tripod adaptor
  • Micro USB cable
  • Flexible security cord

The unit itself is kind of heavy – as expected – combining the 400 lumen light, the camera as well as a long lasting battery.

Beside the easy to install GoPro handlebar mount I think the Garmin ‘quarter turn mount’ (GoPro to attach the camera) is rather interesting as it makes it super easy the attach and remove the camera from the handlebar. I have not seen such a mount before. Very well done, Cycliq!