Laut Veranstalter waren die 21.000 Plätze für die Vätternrundan in 2:45h vergeben. Das ist ein Ding. Zum Glück hatte ich es mir im Kalender vermerkt und gab auch nicht auf, als der Server unerreichbar war. Sonst hätte ich wohl auch in die Röhre geschaut, bzw. hätte wieder auf eine Startplatzübertragung hoffen müssen.
måndag 1 oktober 2012

Vätternrundan 2013 is sold out!

The tension was great when Vätternrundan this morning opened its online registration. The year before, the registration was full in 130 hours. How long would it take this year? The atmosphere at the Vätternrundan Office when the registration opens reminds you of the start area of the race.

The 21,000 seats* was sold out before lunch, after 2 hours and 45 minutes. Although the registration page contained both choice of start time and direct payment, everything went on quite well even though the first hour was hard to get into the site and some delay in the acknowledgments between systems and to the customer. Even the phone lines was sometimes strained.

During the day, a temporary homepage has been up, but soon you will be able to see your registration on My Pages and under Your registration.
If it turns out that something has gone wrong, the office is ready to help. Anyone who has paid has a guaranteed place and if you haven’t received your confirmation today we want you to get in touch with the office with your OrderID.

*Vätternrundan has a total of 23,000 seats, 2,000 seats have been reserved for A Swedish Classic.